Birrificio Sottobisio, located in Balerna (Ticino, Switzerland), was born in 2013 thanks to an idea of the Bioadventures SA owners. Bioadventures’ CEO, as a matter of fact, is a young Industrial Biotechnologist specialized in Enzymes which, as it is well known, at the basis of the beer brewing there is exactly the activity of these molecular machines which were used until few years ago in a very empirical way and without knowing how (at which temperature?) and why certain reactions were happening. The Birrificio Sottobisio’s Mission is to elaborate products with an extreme quality level where the final result should come with a detailed knowledge of both qualitative and quantitative of all the reactions involved in the Mashing and in the Fermentation processes. In order to control and make repeatable these processes Bioadventures invested in equipments for the Birrificio which are not fully standard and let an Italian company from Possagno (TV), named BBC, to realize the project. The brewing equipment has a capacity of about 600 liters per batch and it is very special also from the energy/environmental impact as being based on the diathermic oil and not on the steam. The thermal energy of the boiling must at the end of the process is fully transferred to fresh water ready for the next batch. The full process is controlled by a last generation software where even the most sophisticated recipes could be executed. Not only the brewing but also the Fermentation processes are carefully controlled in temperature in order to let the Yeasts chosen every time to work always in ideal conditions.

Sottobisio’s business model is clearly defined: our customers will always count on an available stock of our Baseline Beers with the goal to let them have a better knowledge of the main stream styles but with the typical Sottobisio’s top quality standards. Beside this line we have another two i.e. Special, where advanced customers could time to time find some gems and Collaborations where our aim is to share complementary knowledge with other Brewers in order to create new sensorial experiences to our more demanding followers (and beer-geeks).

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