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This is the extreme personality Beer that we decided to produce to demonstrate the potentiality of our techniques. It is a creation that requires a little of preparation before you approach it. First of all a minimum of history. The Barley Wine is a style that originated in England during the Napoleonic wars because France had placed an embargo on the sale of their wines to the mortal enemy. The English nobility elaborated a workaround in the production of beer with a high alcohol content (just like a typical wine) obtained from the mashing of malt worth to get a high concentration must. Our Barley reaches an alcohol level of 10 volumes. It will amaze you for the set of flavors that can develop that make it similar to a Passito or a Port. Extraordinary and extreme original when accompanied by a cheese plate or a creamy dessert. Like some wines Barley also can (must) be aged and in fact we have also already begun the aging process in oak barrels used to age the most one of the most famous wines from Ticino’s friend Enrico Trapletti. Think that you can easily find at auctions Barley bottles priced several hundred dollars! Do not expect to find foam in this Beer as in the bottle it is not produced any carbonation just to enhance the overall boccato as important wines. By drinking this creation you will feel ideally in the company of nobles and kings of old England maybe after a fox hunt.

Water, BARLEY malt, hops, yeast

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